Download Samsung Xpress SL-M3065 Driver

Download Samsung Xpress SL-M3065 Driver

Download the latest version of the Samsung Xpress SL-M3065 Driver, and Manual complete with compatibility for OS. The Files is 100% secure.

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Samsung Xpress SL-M3065 Driver

Samsung SL-M3065 Series Print Driver33 MB
Samsung SL-M3065 Series Print Driver (No Installer)21 MB
Samsung SL-M3065 Series Scan Driver43.1 MB

How to Resolve Paper Jams in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of HP All-in-One Printers ?

  • Steps to resolve paper jams in the ADF:
    • Turn off the printer.
    • Disconnect the power cable.
    • Take out the ADF input tray and uncover it.
    • Remove the jam cleaning cover.
    • Lift the bogey (paper pick-up roller).
    • Check for paper jams in the ADF paper path and carefully remove them.
    • Lower the bogey.
    • Reinstall the jam cleaning cover and close the ADF cover.
    • Ensure that the mylar frame is correctly installed.
    • Plug in the power cable and activate the printer.
  • How to improve ADF paper feeding:
    • Clean the ADF rollers:
      • Open the top cover and lift the roller assembly.
      • Clean the gray rollers with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth.
      • Also, clean the gray square rubber separator and the cork underneath.
  • How to remove and reinstall the paper pick-up roller assembly:
    • Lift the roller assembly and press the turquoise button on top of the bogey.
    • Pull the paper pick-up roller assembly to remove it from the unit.
    • To reinstall it, simply align the paper pick-up roller assembly and push it back in.
    • You’ll feel it snap into place.