Download Dell Inspiron 14 N4050 drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

The Dell Inspiron 14 N4050 is a laptop with a 14-inch screen and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It has a 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a Core i3-2310 processor. The laptop also has a 1.6 GB Intel HD Graphics 3000 VGA, a 500 GB hard disk, and a DVD-RW.

The Dell Inspiron 14 N4050 has a maximum RAM of 8 GB and a maximum memory per slot of 4 GB.

According to, the Dell Inspiron 14 is only moderately good for gaming. Only the top-end configurations with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 Laptop GPU can handle graphically-intensive games, and even then, you’ll still have to play with fairly low settings.

Dell Inspiron 14 (N4050) can be upgraded to a maximum of 16 GB of RAM.

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How to Removing the Keyboard

Here’s how to gently remove it without any drama:

1. Handle with Care

  • Heads up! Those keyboard keys are like little ninjas—super stealthy and easy to lose. So, be extra careful when you’re handling the keyboard to avoid any key-related mishaps.

2. Flip It and Open It

  • Turn your computer over and let that display stretch out as far as it can go.

3. Tab Time

  • Grab a handy plastic scribe and gently release those four tabs that are keeping the keyboard cozy with the palm rest. Once they’re free, ease the keyboard up until it calls it quits with the palm rest.

4. Gentle Does It

  • No need for any keyboard tug-of-war here. Just hold the keyboard towards the display, giving it a little support.

5. Latch Liftoff

  • Spot that little connector latch securing the keyboard cable? Give it a lift to free the cable from the system board.

6. Keyboard’s Big Exit

  • And now, for the grand finale! Carefully lift the keyboard off the computer, and voilà—you’ve successfully liberated the keyboard!

Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

How to Replacing the Keyboard

1. Cable Connection Cuddle

  • Slide that keyboard cable into the connector on the system board like you’re slipping a love letter into a mailbox. Then, give the connector latch a gentle push to lock their connection in place. Aww!

2. Tab-tastic Alignment

  • Guide those tabs on the keyboard into their cozy slots on the palm rest. It’s like a perfect puzzle fit!

3. Lock It In

  • Give the edges of the keyboard a little love tap to secure those four tabs and make sure the keyboard feels right at home.

4. Say Goodnight to the Display

  • Gently close the display and turn your computer over, giving the keyboard some privacy for this heartwarming reunion.