Color imageCLASS LBP654Cdw Driver Download, Review, Manual

Color imageCLASS LBP654Cdw

Color imageCLASS LBP654Cdw is Powerful Document Handling. it’s straightforward enough and can be done by one person. The admin particularly like how the printer can be removed from the box without actually taking it out of the box.

The box separates and leaving the printer. Behind the toner cartridge is also set up already. So once you remove all the plastic strips and plug in the power it is ready for setup.

So during the initial setup the printer would automatically do a calibration. It prints a calibration sheet for you to scan and it would automatically readjust the printing or scanning.

Distortions one of the best things about this all-in-one printer is that it supports duplex mode. Which means that it can scan both sides of paper automatically a lot of volume.

Color imageCLASS LBP654Cdw Review

Many printers in the market only have a manual duplex mode. Meaning you have to flip the paper manually up yet with some software guidance this printer.

On the other hand does that automatically. You can of course choose black and whites or colored scans. And can choose output as jpegs tiffs pngs or pdfs. The files can be emailed, can be stored on your computer or onto an ftp or a file server somewhere of course with duplex scanning.

Tt also has duplex printing and it also works with apple air print and google cloud print. Meaning you can print from your ios or android device directly without any software or drivers.

It also tested how long it’d take from a cold boot to printing a full colored a4 photo from iphone. It took just around one minute. So it’s pretty good.

The Color imageCLASS LBP654Cdw all-in-one also has a 5-inch touchscreen. Great for fat fingers. Printing speed is also up to 17.9 sheets per minute. Tt supports usb printing and its paper feeder supports custom paper sizes.

It also has the most important function in the world. The printer costs around $600. There’s also a cheaper alternative you don’t need duplex scanning.

Canon LBP654Cdw Driver

The MF642cdw it’s basically the same minus the duplex scanning that’s all. For today you can learn more about the printer in the link to download driver and manual.

LBP654Cdw UFR II Printer Driver25.7 MB
LBP654Cdw Generic Plus PS3 Printer Driver V2.6029.2 MB
Color imageCLASS LBP654Cdw Manual6.5 MB

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 7

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