Brother GTXpro Driver Package (GTX-423)

Brother GTXpro Driver

Brother GTXpro – How to Replace the Flushing Foam

  • When prompted by the GTXpro for a flushing foam replacing error, the printer will show the screen above.
  • To verify which prompts you currently have on the printer, from stanby, press the right arrow key to view the prompts.
  • For this particular process, ensure that the “flushing foam replacing color/white” prompts or error are both present and take note of the others if more prompts or errors are present.
  • first ensure that you have the proper supplies needed to perform the replacement task. You will need gloves, GTX cleaning solution, a cleaning solution cup, two cleaning stick R, a lint-free towel, rounded tweezers and a set of flushing foams.
  • If the printer is prompting for both white and color Replacements, you will need a set of flushing foam.
  • Start by filling the cleaning solution cup with GTX cleaning solution 3/4 of the way full. Make sure to wear gloves during the entire replacement process.
  • from standby mode, press any Arrow key or menu okay until we have maintenance highlighted and then press menu okay.
  • In this Sub menu we will select maintenance Parts clean/replace and Press menu okay
  • Withis this next Sub menu, we will highlight error and warning parts and Press menu okay. This will reset the internal counter for all prompts / errors that are displayed. make sure to perform the required maintenance for all prompts / errors after selecting error and warning parts.
  • Then press menu okay to continue
  • The Platen will then move in and out and printheads will undock from the maintenance station. You will be notified that you have 15 minutes to complete any pending items for the maintenance process inclusive of the flushing foam replacement. Be prepared to complete all items Within the alloted time.
  • Turn the power off by pressing and holding power button until you hear a beep.
  • When the printer is off, open the lid of the printer to access the cap and wiper area.
  • Before proceeding to replace the flushing Foams, it is best to always look at the internal area of the printer in regards to the back CR rail, rollers and/or guide shaft to judge the level of ink Mist buildup they may have and if it is time for periodic maintenance.

This guide is only a reminder of this instance being a good time to check for ink mist buildup.

  • After checking the internal areas of the printer, slowly move the carriage to the right to access the flushing receivers. reach in and squeeze the receiver arms and lift straight up.
  • Place the Flushing foam receiver onto the towel in your prepped work area and remove the flushing foam from the tray.
  • Take a cleaning stick R, dip it into GTX cleaning solution and begin cleaning the inner parts of the tray we’re waste ink drains.
  • if there is any excess ink or debris on the outside of the receiver, be sure to clean it off. especially check around the top where the print heads pass over the receivers.
  • Use the rounded tweezers to remove dried ink buildup on the receiver.
  • Ensure that the bottom hole is always free and open for ink to pass through so that the tray can drain easily.
  • Dried ink “stalactites” can form on the bottom of the flushing foam drain hole and will be hard to remove if you try to use your fingers. These can be most effectively removed with rounded tweezers.
  • Sart swabbing around the drain hole and then all over the outside of the receiver.
  • If necessary, you ca use a lint free wipe to help clean the receiver.
  • Wipe that receiver cleaned, you may now take the replacement flushing foam, and insert it into the receiver. ensure that it is flush and Not Bent or skewed in a way that would cause it to stick up and possibly touch the print head.
  • Take the entire receiver with the new flushing foam and insert it back into the maintenance station in the direction shown. Be sure that each arm piece hooks over the notch.
  • We will now repeat this process for the CMYK side flushing foams.
  • You may use a new cleaning stick “R” for this process. However you can also use an already used cleaning stick “R” and the same GTX cleaning solution that was used on the white side.
  • Finish by inserting the CMYK side flushing foam and receiver into the printer. Be sure to dispose of the used flushing foam and cleaning stick “R” as waste ink material in accordance with local and state Waste Management policies.
  • Dispose of the remaining GTX cleaning solution into the waste tank.
  • With both flushing Palms replaced, close the lid of the GTX Pro and power the printer back on to ensure there are no additional prompts or errors.

Brother GTXpro Driver Package (GTX-423)

GTXpro Driver for Win 64 bit – version 1.9181 MB
GTXpro Driver for Mac 64 bit – version 1.9170 MB
GTX Graphics Lab for Windows100 MB
GTX Graphics Lab for Mac67 MB

Before downloading the driver, ensure that you have selected the correct operating system for your device. Brother GTXpro Driver Series is Compatible for Windows® 8.1 (64bit), Windows® 10 (64bit), and or Windows® 11 (64bit) *LAN connection only. This driver requires CPU of 2.0 GHz or better and a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. A monitor display of XGA (1024 x 768) or higher is required.